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The KMT Alumni Group on LinkedIn has been established to help past trainees connect with each other, offer support, advice and help further career development.

It's free to join the KMT Alumni – just click HERE!

The group is open to all our past Qualified Teachers, NQTs and current trainees with a LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn offers a great way to connect to other professionals across education and beyond and is quickly becoming the key recruitment tool for schools and trusts.

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Making a good impression counts, so get your profile up to date.

Use a laptop or desktop to access the best features of LinkedIn – if you are looking for inspiration follow the Rye Design 10 point guide to creating the right LinkedIn profile HERE.

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Don't forget to add KMT Teacher Training to your profile – simply navigate to your LinkedIn 'Me' and find the 'Education' section, click the '+' and start typing KMT Teacher Training.

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We use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep in-touch, connect, follow and like us on these pages:

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