KMT Internship

Make a difference
Become a teacher

KMT Internship

Make a difference
Become a teacher

Start your KMT Internship now

In-school experience throughout your sixth form

Support through your university course

Future option to train with KMT Teacher Training

The KMT Internship Programme

The KMT Internship programme provides support and opportunities for young people (like you!) who are interested in a career in teaching.

It is a 5 year programme (Year 12 through to 3rd year at University) and is aimed at developing confident classroom practitioners equipped to succeed in the challenging and exciting world of education.

Classroom Experience

As a KMT Intern you’ll have lots of opportunities to work alongside a mentor in local schools, inspiring and helping real pupils in real classrooms. You’ll gain valuable experience and find out what it’s really like to be a teacher.

Your studies come first

In the creation of this programme we have been extremely mindful of the demands of Sixth Form and would work closely with you to ensure your A level studies remain your first priority.

KMT Internship

Benefits for Sixth Formers

  • Transferable skills
  • Confidence building
  • Continually modelling KMT’s pedagogical approach for clarity and progression
  • University application support

Support at university

As your journey continues to university we’ll keep in touch with support and guidance while you study. Subject to your timetable we’ll be able to provide further classroom experiences and opportunities to join our professional studies groups too.

Start your Teacher Training

After graduation (and subject to eligibility criteria) we’ll have a place for you on our Teacher Training course where you’ll become a great teacher.

Gain key skills for teachers

Risk taking
Time management & organisation skills
Problem solving
Receptive to feedback
Communication skills
Team player
Attentive & compassionate
Be proactive
Passion for the subject
Be independent
Passion to develop others
Sense of humour
Be a long life learner

What can you do now?

  • Help your peers or siblings when they don’t understand something in school
  • See if there are initiatives in your school to support younger years
  • Think about the subject you would like to teach and work hard to get good qualifications
  • Observe your teachers and try to understand what they are doing
  • Talk to your teachers and find out what they like about their job
  • If there is a possibility, spend time in a school and experience the life of a teacher.

Eligibility criteria for teacher training

In order to be considered for entry onto a teacher training course you must have:

  • GCSE Maths and English at grade C/4 or above (or equivalent)
  • Primary trainees must also have a Science GCSE at grade C/4 or above
  • A degree: at least 2.2 and, for secondary training, a degree in a relevant subject

Find out more about the KMT Internship Programme

If you’re in Year 12 or 13 and would like to know more about or apply for the KMT Internship Programme speak to your careers teacher or complete the form below.